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Most people in the Construction Industry know that while the name on the hardhat is important, it’s the person wearing it that really makes the difference and ensures a successful project.  Our Field and Office leadership work closely together and draw upon their combined 200+ years of front-line industry experience to solve problems- before they become problems.  

Each team member, from Upper Management to the Apprentice, know and embrace the fact that we are all a part of something much bigger than the sum of our collective parts.  Which is why most of our key personnel have over 10 years company experience- we even have multiple generations!  Through open and direct communication, planning, implementation, and management nearly anything can be achieved.  All members of our team receive annual training pertinent to their level of responsibility and role.

Total Project Solutions

Our abundant in-house offerings coupled with the fact that we consistently work with an extensive network of Suppliers, Producers, Fabricators, Contractors, and Engineers affords us the ability to be a Turn-Key Project partner for many of our best customers.  Planning from the point of installation backward, often helps identify potential project efficiencies, cost saving techniques, and can dramatically reduce time on site for installation.

what goes up, Comes down to Value

Choosing a project partner should come down VALUE- not to be confused with a cheap price resulting sub-par quality work done by personnel that are not true industry professionals.  Our goal is to be the most capable provider at the proper price point for a quality project.  Our wide array of value-added services including but not limited to In-House Professional Engineering (Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, & Michigan), Design- Build Capabilities, Budgeting, Construct-ability Analysis/ Review, Advanced Material Sourcing and Logistics, and Critical Path Scheduling solidify us as the region's most capable Steel Contractor and build inherent value into the projects we work on.

Our Fully Owned & Operated Equipment Fleet includes but is not limited to:

Crawler Cranes: 30-60 Tons w/ Third Drum
Conventional Cranes: Up to 125 Tons
Hydraulic Cranes: Up to 120 Tons
Boom Trucks: Up to 23.5 Tons
Rough Terrain Tele-handlers
Industrial Forklifts
Aerial/ Personnel Lifts
Tractors & Trailers
Diesel, Electric, Propane Welding Machines
Air Compressors
Light Plant Generators
High Tonnage Hydraulic Pumps, Cylinders, Manifolds, etc.
Custom Falsework & Lifting Apparati, Extensive Rigging Equipment
Jacking & Shoring Systems
Equipment, Tag-Along, & Enclosed Trailers
Fully Stocked Stake-body/ Pickup/ Utility/ Service/ Welding Trucks
Fabrication Equipment: Mubea 70T Ironworker, Band Saw, All Process Welding Equipment, Plasma Cutter

We are consistently updating and adding to our fleet, contact us for the latest list!

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